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Artist turned Coder. Dog Dad. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ


  • L. B. A.

    L. B. A.

  • Nunny Reyes

    Nunny Reyes

    Latina Climate Scientist + Dev + immigrant | @FlatironSchool Fellow | sher/her

  • Christy Tropila

    Christy Tropila

    Started my journey as a Web Dev in 2018 and loving every minute of it! :)

  • jaded aizen

    jaded aizen

    Software engineer

  • Samir Triande

    Samir Triande

    β€œDo not focus on the end goal in life, try to be present and enjoy the process that gets you there.”

  • Lai Chung Ting

    Lai Chung Ting

  • Franklin Bado

    Franklin Bado

    Fellowship Student at Flatiron School, detailed-oriented learning code one step at the time. I enjoy learning how things work, and improving their functionality

  • Sayana Nimaeva

    Sayana Nimaeva

    Software Engineer graduated from Flatiron School. Hodophile. Piano player.

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